Masia Can Pasqual s/n
08479 La Costa del Montseny
628 293 137

Capacity Up to 19 people can use the accommodation , for sleeping facilities. Up to 45 people to spend the day. Possibility to do parties or meetings in the building.

The accommodation can be rent for a day (for family celebrations), for weekends or even weeks. It has got all the comodities required and it has got an adapted access and bathroom for disabled people.

Kitchen can be used for guests. It is fully-equiped: fridge, microwave, dishwasher, mixer, toaster, oven and all the kitchen tools. In the same kitchen there is a chimney where guests can even cook barbecued meat.

Biomass heating and selective trash collection.

History and description of the building

It is a Catalan farmhouse full of history (in fact, it is thought to be dated from 1730). It has got two floors. In the ground floor the livestock helped with the warming up of the rooms on top of that. The building was a familiar unity and the activities done there where mainly related to the forest or the fields around it, such as wook or coal extraction. In the farm you could also find birds, rabitts or some cows.A garden was also grown for their own use.

Rural accommodation

It is situated in the middle of the Natural Park of Montseny, between Barcelona and Girona. It’s only 15 minutes far away from the nearest biggest village. It is situated at 700 metres high and it has got more than 10 hectares of land, filds and forests and the panoramic views from it will fascinate you. Totally restored, it has bot all the facilities for the guests