Ctra. BV-5301 km 30,5.
08559 El Brull
938 840 477 /616 10 37 57


Capacity 27 people

Restaurant Slow Food:

Close to Barcelona and Girona, in the Natural Park of Montseny … what you can find? We offer you our home to rest after travelling and visiting the territory, also to do your favourite activities. At your disposal:

• A large farm with several buildings, an inner courtyard,some  fields surrounded by forests and streams, … a house and a valley  that can told us the history and some legends.

• 8 duplex rooms with bathroom and heating, dining room with fireplace, two kitchen, two rooms , … all of stone and wood.

• Seasonal and local cuisine.  Possibility of special menus.

• Information Point from the Park , the county and other nearby attractions .

• With professional people you can discover the country forests , traditions , customs  while walking , playing or dancing . We also offer sporting activities for groups.

• walking routes : the SL- C 85 goes past the house and connects you with GR2, the GR5.2, Meridian Green, Verdaguer Route, the Matagalls-Montserrat or “3 Monts”.

• Theme journeys. We are also looking forward to hearing from your proposals.

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