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Restaurant Slow Food:

We invite you to taste our beers + Lupulus, +Malta, +Black and +Wheat, as well as the different specialities that wish to go you offering along the years …Health, quite a lot and good beer:

Come the Saturdays in the morning to do a taste of beers ( it is necessary to reserve)

The beers of the Company Cervesera of the Montseny are ARTESANALS for his method of preparation, INTEGRAL for the ingredients used and NATURAL for the system to pack.
The Company cervesera of the Montseny is one MICROCERVESERIA with a productive capacity of some 3.000 litres in each preparation. By means of the system of English traditional preparation (with maceració for the method of simple infusion), the productive process is practically manual, with the indispensable basic mechanisations. Owed to these singular characteristic of preparation, produce BEERS ARTISANS how those that already arrive us of Belgium, Germany, and of other European countries.
Our beers contain the ingredients contemplated to the German Law of the purity (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516: water (of the Montseny), malta (of barley and of wheat), flower of llúpol and yeast.
Ours MICROCERVESERIA is skilled in beers of the family of the WINGS or of high fermentation, unlike the majority of the national productions, that are of the family of the LAGER or off sick fermentation. Doing a parallelism with the world of the wines, more known to our culture, will say as a orientation that las WINGS are the black wine of las beers, with a greater complexity of flavours that the LAGER, that would be the white wine of las beers. Also therefore, it recommends drink our beers, if well cool, less cold than the LAGER.