C. de Joan XXIII, 36
17400 Breda
972 871 051

Capacity 100 guests, in 4 dining areas
Festive day Thursdays (non-holidays) and evenings (except Friday and Saturday)
Holidays Roughly of the 20 of December to the 10 of January
Opening hors off Midday from 13:00hrs to 16:00 hrs, and at night from 20:00hrs to 23:00 hrs.

Restaurant Slow Food:

A restaurant located on the outskirts of Breda in a quiet residential area, with little traffic. Some 100 metres from the restaurant there are two squares with a children’s play area. There is also a wood close by which is ideal for walks. Splendid views of the Castle of Montsoriu. Nearby parking with capacity for 50 cars.



Cooking Style

Traditional home cooking, new and varied dishes every week.

Visit the Monastery of Sant Salvador with its 11th century Romanesque church tower and cloister, or the Church of Santa Maria with its 12th century apse or the hermitage of Santa Anna. The Aragay Museum, has a collection of oil paintings, watercolours and engravings from the artist Josep Aragay, or the Museum of Ceramics with a journey through the history of ceramics in Breda. The Castle of Monsoriu can be reached from Breda.