Red Passion Berries

Interesting proposals:
– product sale
– guided tours through the cultivation land
– workshops

Our farm is located in Viladrau, set in the mountainhills of the Matagalls, in a unique environment such as the northern Montseny. This location offers us a very suitable climate and altitude for the production of these fruits. We have one hectare of cultivation. The area dedicated to the cultivation of raspberries is 2500m2. The rest of the cultivation consists of an area for future extensions of the rows of raspberries (2500m2), an area for strawberry cultivation and another area for other red fruits.

We use farming methods that apply organic farming techniques, such as some natural pest preventatives and regenerative farming techniques, which is an agricultural methodology that seeks to create sustainable and healthy agricultural ecosystems in the long term, through soil regeneration, the improvement of biodiversity and the promotion of the nutrient cycle. We emphasize the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility through practices such as the use of green covers, composting and organic fertilization. This makes it possible to create soils which are rich in organic matter, nutrients and microorganisms, which provide the crops with the necessary elements to grow in a healthy way.

The fresh raspberry has been very well received for being a quality fruit. We distribute it in different ways, such as patisseries, restaurants, fruit shops… in the region of Osona, the city of Barcelona and some establishments in Girona. Raspberries are also made into derivatives such as jam. This product is also very successful as we often find other jams on the market produced with organic fruit but which have been manufactured through industrial processes, or hand-crafted jams with non-organic fruit.

Occasionally we do collaborations with other producers, as well as workshops or visits to the farm.

Castanya de Viladrau

Carretera de Masvidal s/n
Tel. 938 848 395/ 608131199

Opening times From 9.00h to 13.00h and from 15.00h to 18.00h. Weekends and holidays from 10.00h to 18.00h

Restaurant Slow Food:

At Castanya de Viladrau we work with ecologic and gluten free chestnuts.

We sell a wide range of products related to chestnuts. You will find them here attached: FLYER productes Castanya de Viladrau

Products are sold at Centre de Manipulació de la Castanya in Viladrau. Orders can be also done by internet or by phone.

This February…visit Viladrau!

Have you ever visited Viladrau?


What to do in Viladrau

  • Walk through the village and discover it
  • Visit Espai Montseny
  • Visit more of 200 sources situated in the area
  • La Sala: The farm where the famous bandit Serrallonga was born
  • Ermitage of l’Erola
  • Ermitage of Sant Miquel de Barretons and Sanctuaire of Sant Segimon
  • Visit the Chestnut of 9 branches | (local path C-81).
  • Visit Castanya de Viladrau
  • Do a guided route with Santa Marta|Viladrau Educació
  • Accommodate or eat at  Hotel Xalet la Coromina


For further information, visit the tourist office in Viladrau, situated in Espai Montseny!
Migdia, 1 | 17406 Viladrau | +34 93 884 80 35 | |



Car routes

Routes for a whole day.

Restaurant Slow Food:

Through Tordera Valley
Sta. Mª de Palautordera – St. Esteve de Palautordera – Montseny – Coll Formic – El Brull – Seva
A route of some 30 kilometres; discover the heart of the Montseny.

Places of Interest:
Arboretum to Santa Maria de Palautordera, Castell de Montclús to St. Esteve de Palautordera, the town of Montseny with a monumental box tree, the Iberian town of Montgròs to El Brull, the Church of Santa Maria at Seva.

Walking routes:

The route of the spring of La Font Ferrussa to the town of Montseny: an easy route of one hour following the GR-5. The route of the Iberian town of Montgròs;. A route which begins at El Brull combines a visit to the Iberian town. Possibility of a guided visit.


Through the west of MontsenySant Celoni – Campins – Santa Fe del Montseny – Sant Marçal – Viladrau
Sant Celoni – Campins – Santa Fe del Montseny – Sant Marçal – Viladrau
A 38 kilometre route with different views of a variety of landscapes in the Montseny area.

Places of Interest:
Can Casades (audiovisual display and information point) and the reservoir of the Pantà to Santa Fe, the hermitage and Font Bona to Sant Marçal, Espai Montseny in Viladrau.

Walking routes:
The Empedrat de Morou route, a two hour sign-posted route along the valley of La Vall de Santa Fe through the beech forest.


Through the humit areas of Montseny
Seva – Viladrau – Arbúcies – Breda – Gualba
A 57 kilometre route along municipalities which surround the Natural Park of Montseny.

Places of Interest: The Church of Santa Maria de Seva, The European Nature Centre at Vila-drau, The Ethnological Museum of the Montseny-La Gabella at Arbúcies, the monastery at Breda, The Church of Sant Vicenç.

Walking routes:
A route along the River of Arbúcies: a pleasant, easy walk along the banks of the River of Arbúcies to the town’s centre.

Circular routes

Six itineraries, with different difficulty, to discover Montseny and its surroundings.

Restaurant Slow Food:

Montseny Walking through the heart of the Massíf
This walk begins in the square of the town of Montseny and continues towards the Tordera River before arriving at the Romanesque church of Sant Martí.
The route passes along country paths and trails and a small stretch of road. The walk runs through oak and river woods on the banks of the Tordera and follows a path to the Romanesque church of Sant Martí; the first church built in the Montseny area.

Further information
Facilities close to the route

Sant Esteve de Palautordera  Views over the Turó de l’Home
This walk begins on the town’s main street and leads to an area of the municipal area which is still used for farming. The route passes close by the Castell de Fluvià, crossing the road and continues to the banks of the Tordera River. You need to cross the river, and you may have to go barefoot to get to the other side – which is always fun.
The path leads towards the Castell de Montclús which is currently being excavated. We continue towards the path which leads on to the church of Santa Magdalena before following the path which takes you back to the Tordera River and the town of Sant Esteve de Palautordera.ordera.

Further information
Facilities close to the route

Cànoves i Samalús A walk around Vallforners reservoir
From the church in the town of Cànoves, drive to the car park near the Vallforners reservoir. The path follows the banks of the dam along a path (cars are prohibited), until the “tail” of the dam, before continuing along the course of the stream until the Casa de Vallforners, an impressive fortified structure whisch is currently under restoration. On the outward bound path, follow the Vallforners signs. while on the way back, follow the Meridià Vers sign.

Further information
Facilities close to the route

Arbúcies Walking along the bed of Riera d’Arbúcies
Leave the town square (the Plaça de la Vila) and follow the sign for “El Camí” which leads you down several steps and on to the tunnel of Can Cornet, which also meets up with the Route of the Painter Santiago Rusiñol.
You can end the walk at the sign for the apple orchard ( the pomarium) which is at a junction and where you can either walk up to the Parc de la Glorieta or follow the signs for one of the longer routes. This is a flat walk which follows the course of the river bed which is flanked by trees. The apple orchard is open for visits (to see with the different varieties of apples in the Montseny area). It is a route for relaxing and is filled with the sound of water and birdsong.

Further information
Facilites close to the route

Viladrau  The chesnut trees of Viladrau
This route starts at the town square and continue to the children’s play area in the Plaça Dr. Carulla, follow the Passeig Ramon Bofill, and continue until you see the symbols for the local C-81 path, where you take the old path from Viladrau to Sant Marçal to enjoy magnificent views of Sant Segimon and Matagalls. The route continues into a wood of ancient chestnut trees, one of which is known as the Chestnut of Nine Branches – which is one of the largest in the Montseny area, with a height of 23 metres.

Further information
Facilitites close to the route

Sant Antoni i Sant Pere de Vilamajor  A route for enthusiastic hikers
Start at the church square in the town of Sant Antoni de Vilamajor and continue, following the signs for the PR-C 139 route, passing by different farm houses in the municipalites of Sant Antoni and Sant Pere.Continue walking upwards until reaching the hermitage of Sant Elies, which gives you a good view over the landscape. You can choose to continue up the hillside patch which leads on to the Pla de la Calma anb which links up with the GR-5 walking route.

Further information

Aula de natura Santa Marta

carrer Dr. Ariet, 6
17400 Viladrau
Tel. 938 849 131 

of 9h to 14h and of 15h to 19h
60 people

Restaurant Slow Food:

Type of cuisine (optional): included or self-catering

Options and/or ideas of interest:

Centre established in 1985. Multidisciplinary professional team of four; Graduates in education and environmental science.

– We produce teaching materials.
– Outings and guided tours.
– We organise school stays with educational projects.
– “Montseny Gift Box”. A gift box comprising a special guided tour and tasting for groups of up to 20 people.
– Talks and courses for teachers. We advise educational institutions (green schools).
– Environmental education workshops delivered on-site at schools, organisations and local councils.
– Exhibition texts.
– Summer schools/camps and working camps for children and young people.

– We rent the house out for events.
– We have an organic kitchen garden, open to participation.

Centre de Manipulació de la Castanya

Carretera de Masvidal s/n
Tel. 938 848 395/ 608131199

Saturdays, Sundays and festive of 10 to 18h. During the week visit concerted.
120 people.

Restaurant Slow Food:

The Castanya de Viladrau company has set up operations at the Chestnut Processing Centre. We are located in Viladrau, right at the heart of the Montseny Nature Park.


the chestnut processing centre offers high-quality, organic chestnuts. Pay us a visit and enjoy roasted chestnuts all year round, along with a wide range of products: chestnut beer, chestnut flakes, glazed chestnuts…

Outside you will find all the different products made from the wood of the chestnut tree and new chestnut trees from our Montseny recovery operations.


Visit our centre to take in a wide range of tours:

timber tour, chestnut tour, tour of our centuries-old chestnut trees, the Serrallonga House.

Espai Montseny

c.Migdia, 1
17406 Viladrau
Phone. +34 938 848 035


From 1st October to 31st May: from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm. Weekends and holidays from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm and from 16:00 pm to  18:00 pm.
From 1st June to 30th September: from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm and from 16:00 pm to 19:00 pm. Closed all Mondays except holidays, 25th and 26th December and all January. Possibility to book group visits in other times.

Restaurant Slow Food:

The luxuriant forests of Montseny provided the backdrop for stories of legendary characters such as the bandit Serrallonga, mythical creatures such as water-women and the Viladrau witches, who were persecuted and even executed during the 17th century. The Montseny Space in Viladrau recreates the settings and tales of all these characters in a new visitors’ centre, equipped with multimedia technology hitherto unseen in the country.

The Montseny Space is an evocative centre, which immerses us in a magical ambience, replete with thrilling image projections and surround sound. We will see holograms of bandits and water-women appear and fade away, we will journey into a magical forest and we will behold a witches’ ritual, to name but a few of the treats in store for us.

Santuari de Sant Segimon i Sant Miquel de Barretons


+ info: T.+34 938 44 2 253

How to get there?  Take the route BV-5301 and at km 26 leave the car at the parking next to Collformic  restaurant and take the path over there. It is not market. It is necessary to take a guide with you.
Lenght:  1h 15 minutes to reach the sanctuary
Dificulty:  Easy
Other comments: There are some sources on the way.

Restaurant Slow Food:

The origin of the Sanctuary of Sant Segimon dates from the 13th century. At present it is in a restoration process. The acces to the area is restricted.
Sant Miquel de Barretons is a hermitage situated on a hill 1300 higher to the Sanctuary of Sant Sagimon. It dates from year 1550.