El Bellver


Masia bellver, s/n
08593 Tagamanent
+34 937 445 082

Capacity 44 people
Public holiday Working days
Holidays August and Christmas time
Schedule Saturday, Sunday and working days from 9am to 5pm. Other days on request (minimum group: 10 people)

Restaurant Slow Food:

In Bellver Country House you will find a great exclusive place for your company which combines different interior spaces and an incredible exterior space. We work for you. Come and see the House and adjust the house to your needs: a space for meetings, for coffee-breaks, screening, lunch, etc.

Complete the day of work with coaching: discovery of the surroundings, making castles, a concert, etc. Suggest your ideas and we will propose different solutions to be able to adjust ourselves to your needs.
We have: WI-FI area, projector and screen, meeting rooms, activities, coffee break and free buffet.

Restaurant El Bellver

Masia bellver, s/n
08593 Tagamanent
937 445 082

Capacity 44 people
Holidays August and Christmas
Openig hour off Saturdaysk, Sundays and festivitives from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. The other days a booking is required (minimum group: 10 people).

Restaurant Slow Food:

Options and/or suggestions:

Children menu, free parking, heating, panoramic views, exhibition “Els 3 Monts”, Information Centre of the Natural Park, sale of maps of the permanent orientation circuit, business meetings…


Recipes and varieties of vegetable garden and livestock recovery in collaboration with the collective CuinaVO, the seeds bank Llavors Orientals and the collective Slow Food.

VTT routes

Lineal routes through Montseny:

Restaurant Slow Food:

From Aiguafreda to El Brull 
A trail through the Serra de l’Arca, an isolated offshoot surrounded by escarpments. The route heads through pine and holm oak trees along well-travelled tracks, except between Aiguafreda de Dalt (3.41 km) and 5.92 km. The descent from El Brull to the valley of the El Pujol creek is slippery. Water can be found along the way, as well as fine views from La Calma of the escarpments of the Serra de l’Arca. Make sure you visit the cave-crypt of Aiguafreda de Dalt and the parish church of El Brull.

Distance: 23.52 km
Approximate time: 1h 45m
Overall climb: 530 m
Difficulty: moderate

From Aiguafreda to La Calma 
A route of incredible beauty crossing La Calma from end to end, along wide and well-travelled tracks. Despite the climb the ascent to the high plain of La Calma is fairly straightforward, thanks to the absence of sudden, steep inclines. The woods are mainly holm oaks. The path cuts through a small beach glade as it reaches Collformic. The region of La Calma, which stands out for its open, undulating contours, is surprising in its lack of a layer of tree cover, and the presence of large areas of heathland. You should take on water at the En Vinyes spring. The descent back to Aiguafreda includes a number of difficult sections, and others which can easily be missed. Take care.

Distance: 38.14
Approximate time: 3h 30m
Overall climb: 1030 m
Difficulty: high

Between La Garriga and Corró d’Amunt
A level and simple route, with only short and gentle climbs through what is the the driest region of Montseny. Typical plateau landscapes which are best avoided during the hottest months. The limited shade and few trees do at least offer an open outlook over the farmlands of olive trees and cereal crops which typify this more low-lying area of Montseny.
Take water with you: none is to be found except at La Garriga and Samalús. A perfect route for novice mountain bikers.

Distance: 16.66 km
Approximate time: 1h 30m
Overall climb: 255 m
Difficulty: easy

From Cànoves to Vallforners
The Vallforners Ravine is one of the longest, deepest and wildest in Montseny. The presence of just a few farmhouses, except for El Vilar, all of them clinging to the south-facing slopes, gives it a particularly solitary air, accentuated these days by the dark, peaceful waters of the reservoir. Meanwhile, in the furthest depths of the valley is the magnificent manor house of Vallforners, isolated amid an almost oppressive ring of mountains.

The first section of the route runs high along the southern side of the valley, with views of the houses of Muntanya, Can Cuc, and above all a national record breaker: the Great Chestnut Tree of Cuc. Beyond the stonewalled house of Vallforners, the route heads back towards Cànoves, on the shaded, inhospitable and monotonous side of the valley, which nonetheless offers attractive glimpses of the reservoir and the neighbouring mountains. This route does not, therefore, describe the valley track, alongside the Vallforners reservoir, despite its undeniable attractions. This alternative (indicated elsewhere) is however open to those wishing to shorten the route (the track is quite easy to find), and wishing to take in the sight of Montseny’s largest body of water.

Distance: 21.95 km
Approximate time: 2 h
Overall climb: 685 m
Difficulty: extreme

From Sant Pere de Vilamajor to Sant Elies
The Sant Elies hermitage, with its hilltop setting, is one of the most attractive sights in this region of Montseny. The ascent is tough, but the panoramic views are worth the effort. The return to Sant Pere runs along the shaded foothills of the Serra de Palestrins, providing a complete view of the long and deep valley of the El Cortès Creek.

Distance: 24.73 km
Approximate time: 2h 30m
Overall climb: 900 m
Difficulty: high

From Sant Esteve to El Samon
It does not lead to any particular destination, but instead links a number of charming landscapes, such as Santa Susana, El Samon, la Cova and Sant Elies. A varied route offering fine views of the Tordera valley and the Turó de l’Home massif.

Distance: 29.72 km
Approximate time: 2h 45m
Overall climb: 935 m
Difficulty: extreme


From Montseny to La Calma
A route which runs along well-travelled main tracks for the most part. The 12 km-long climb up the wide, sunny track of El Molar make this a distinctive and unforgettable route. Bring plenty of water.

La Calma marks two changes in the route. To begin with, the more gentle contours allow for easier, effort-free progress. Meanwhile, the dense woodlands of holm oaks end at this point, giving way to open landscapes of wide meadows and heathland of heather, broom and ferns.

La Calma is a narrow, winding high plain, some 7 km long and 3 km wide on average. Meadows and heathland carpet the gently undulating terrain, making for a breathtaking landscape. Broad horizons from all heights. The old Cafè dels Carlins is to be found here, built on the edge of a grassy meadow of unrivalled beauty. It offers a natural outlook dominated by El Matagalls, Les Agudes and El Turó de l’Home One of the outhouses is still used by the shepherd.

Distance: 35.11 km
Approximate time: 3h 15m
Overall climb: 1045 m
Difficulty: high

Sortides amb BTT al voltant d’Arbúcies
BTT 22 – Castell de Montsoriu
BTT 10 – Sant Marçal
BTT 5 – Sant Pere Desplà

Els Tres Monts

Signaled route through the natural parks of Montseny, Sant Llorenç de Munt i l’Obac and Montserrat
Total: 106 km

Restaurant Slow Food:

Situated between el Montseny, Sant Llorenç del Munt and Montserrat. Els 3 monts is a tourist itinerary which can be covered in a total of 32 hours.The itinerary is divided in six phases, allowing the traveller to access deep unknown places and reach various emblematic spots of pre-coastal Catalonia.

The route begins at El Montseny Natural Park, kicking off the adventure from the majestic Turó de l’Home ( 1706m/5,598 feet)and bordering the Matagalls peak ( 1,697 m,/5,568 feet) until we reach Sant Miquel del Fai. This path takes us through the cingles de Bertí, Gallifa and Sant Llorenç Savall, entering the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park through the beautiful Horta Valley. After climbing la Mola, summit ( 1,104 m/3,622 feet), we will get a fantastic view of the Matagalls peak and Montserrat. Our return will be through the same path,where we will pass very close to el Montcau ( 1056m/3,464 feet) on our way to the Estenalles pass, before going on towards the lovely village of Mura. As we leave the village, we will walk and enjoy the most unknown side of Sant Llorenc, until we arrive at Rellinars,where we will continue towards Monistrol and prepare to climb Montserrat.

At the end of each phase, those who wish to stay overninbght and enjoy our local gastronomy can do so at lolcal hotels anda restaurants vonveniently localted in the area.

La Calma, Ethnologic Park in Tagamanent

El Bellver
08593 Tagamanent
Information and group bookings at:
Tel. +34 937.445.082

Schedule Casa Museu l’Agustí
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10:30am to 11:30am and from 16:30pm to 17:30pm. (Booking in advance is required).
Ticket price
3 € for everybody (free for children under 3 and for those who come to eat the Degustation Buffet at El Bellver restaurant).Guided visits can be also booked on working days (groups of minimum 10 people).

Restaurant Slow Food:

Casa Museu l’Agustí
To learn about how was a day in a farm some decades before.
Casa Museu l’Agustí ( 500m far from El Bellver and 300m far from the car park), offers a guided visit to all the coins in the farm. Fèlix Agustí, the owner of the farm in the 18th century will be explaining the story. Along the visit, you will see some objects of that period as well as enjoy the music, the smells and the images of any day in Ca l’Agustí. The visit finishes with an audiovisual that shows some pictures about the most charismatic coins of this farm.


Exhibition “Els 3 Monts”
Visit at the interpretation centre of the 3Monts route, which is integrated in the Cafeteria and the Information Point in Belver. Discover the pictues in an exhibition that explains the biodiversity of the Natural Parks of Montseny, Sant Llorenç i l’Obac and Montserrat, through a trip to the past that will allow you learning a bit more about our most emblematic natural spaces, its faunda and flora and its traditions.

Breaks in Montseny

Would you like to spend some days in Montseny Natural Park. We organize all for you! Take a look to all proposals we offer you, choose the one you like most and book it!
If you prefer, tell us your budget and we will organize the trip based on your needs.

Montseny, live it!

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Discover the life in a farm at Montseny

Discover the life in a farm at Montseny


Spend a morning in an ecofarm and enjoy from a lunch based on ecological products in a local restaurant.

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Relax yourself at Montseny

Relax yourself at Montseny

Sant Esteve de Palautordera

Relax in a hotel which was entirely build by natural Finnish wood and come back home fully energetic!

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Treasures of Montseny forest

Treasures of Montseny forest


Participants will have to overcome several tests in an itinerary through the forest. With the senses you will discover the treasures the nature hides.

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