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Varied guided tours around the Montseny massif.

Specialized tours related to the identification and use of edible and medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Also about geology, the insects and the pollination and the world of the honey, the animals living in the park, specially for its identification in footprints and marks, depending on the season and the disponibility.

Enjoy your stay at Masia El Buxaus

Masia El Buxaus
170401 Arbúcies
972 178 663 / 620 111 147

Capacity 14 people
Restaurant facilities only for clients.

Information about the offer:

*Two nights pack with a breakfast for two people: 180€

*Two nights pack(two breakfasts and one dinner) for two people: 212€

*Stay pack with “calçotada” – barbecued onions with some special sause (dinner + night + breakfast + “calçotada”) for two adults: 178€

Ask for other options and prices for children.

The present can be used all year long. It can be used in low season (all year long except Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, holidays and July or August). In case you want to use it in other seasons, add extra meals or book more nights…an extra charge will be added to the price. The booking must be confirmed by the owners.

El Molí de Can Aulet

El Molí de Can Aulet
17401 Arbúcies
0034 972 860 765

Capacity Two independant spaces totally equiped for 2 up to 4 people in each one.

You will find us in a small valley close to Montseny Natural Park, in the village of Arbúcies (Girona Province). The rural house is an ancient mill from the 16th Century which is surrounded by fields and forests and close to a small river. It’s perfect to practice the rural tourism, to discover the Natural Park of Montseny and Guilleries, the city of Girona or to break out in Costa Brava.

Our small flock of sheep move free through the field close to the house…it is a very calm place…
when you spent some days here you will think that you are so far from everything!

There are two small independent houses annexed to the farm, El Cirerer i L’Estada

Restaurant Les Magnòlies


Pg. de Mossèn Anton Serras, 7
17401 Arbúcies
972 860 879

Festive day Monday and tuesday
Opening hours off  Lunch: from 13.00 to 16.00 Evening meals: Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 23.00

This mansion house or “Torre” was built in 1871 and is surrounded by three large magnolias which have given name to the restaurant which was opened in 1996 and totally renovated in 2006

The restaurant is a family business with space for 40 diners shared between two dining rooms and a marquee in the garden with capacity for 50 guests –an ideal location for groups and celebrations. At the head of the business are the husband and wife team of Isidre Fradera in the dining saloon and Roser Gumà in the kitchen. The restaurant menu is seasonal and seeks to bring the best out of each product, with personalised, creative cuisine with its roots in local culinary traditions.

Masia El Buxaus

Masia El Buxaus
170401 Arbúcies
972 178 663 / 620 111 147

Capacity 14 people

El Buxaus is an 18th-century stone farmhouse located in the Montseny National Park within the province of Girona. Its position offers truly unrivalled views and peace and quiet. The garden is home to a centuries-old tree with listed status, one of the few Cade Junipers to be found anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula. The house has been lovingly restored over time, maintaining its original features and rustic style. The farmhouse is divided into three sections: the ground floor, which houses the communal areas for use by guests, the first floor, with 3 bedrooms, and a wing which is attached to but independent of the house itself, with a further two bedrooms. A second building houses the dining room and a covered porch used for all mealtimes.
It is a remarkable setting in terms of the surrounding countryside, the peaceful atmosphere and the landscape it surveys. The whole farmhouse is surrounded by extensive gardens and natural terraces, with a variety of different trees, above all chestnut, beech, holm oak and walnut. The privileged location offers remarkable views over the plateau of La Selva, the Guilleries uplands and part of the Gironès district. El Buxaus is the perfect base for numerous outings which we would be delighted to tell you about.

Options and/or suggestions of interest:
3- or 5-night pacakage with guided tours conducted by a botanical expert explaining all the features to be found along the way.

Car routes

Routes for a whole day.

Through Tordera Valley
Sta. Mª de Palautordera – St. Esteve de Palautordera – Montseny – Coll Formic – El Brull – Seva
A route of some 30 kilometres; discover the heart of the Montseny.

Places of Interest:
Arboretum to Santa Maria de Palautordera, Castell de Montclús to St. Esteve de Palautordera, the town of Montseny with a monumental box tree, the Iberian town of Montgròs to El Brull, the Church of Santa Maria at Seva.

Walking routes:

The route of the spring of La Font Ferrussa to the town of Montseny: an easy route of one hour following the GR-5. The route of the Iberian town of Montgròs;. A route which begins at El Brull combines a visit to the Iberian town. Possibility of a guided visit.


Through the west of MontsenySant Celoni – Campins – Santa Fe del Montseny – Sant Marçal – Viladrau
Sant Celoni – Campins – Santa Fe del Montseny – Sant Marçal – Viladrau
A 38 kilometre route with different views of a variety of landscapes in the Montseny area.

Places of Interest:
Can Casades (audiovisual display and information point) and the reservoir of the Pantà to Santa Fe, the hermitage and Font Bona to Sant Marçal, Espai Montseny in Viladrau.

Walking routes:
The Empedrat de Morou route, a two hour sign-posted route along the valley of La Vall de Santa Fe through the beech forest.


Through the humit areas of Montseny
Seva – Viladrau – Arbúcies – Breda – Gualba
A 57 kilometre route along municipalities which surround the Natural Park of Montseny.

Places of Interest: The Church of Santa Maria de Seva, The European Nature Centre at Vila-drau, The Ethnological Museum of the Montseny-La Gabella at Arbúcies, the monastery at Breda, The Church of Sant Vicenç.

Walking routes:
A route along the River of Arbúcies: a pleasant, easy walk along the banks of the River of Arbúcies to the town’s centre.

VTT routes

Lineal routes through Montseny:

From Aiguafreda to El Brull 
A trail through the Serra de l’Arca, an isolated offshoot surrounded by escarpments. The route heads through pine and holm oak trees along well-travelled tracks, except between Aiguafreda de Dalt (3.41 km) and 5.92 km. The descent from El Brull to the valley of the El Pujol creek is slippery. Water can be found along the way, as well as fine views from La Calma of the escarpments of the Serra de l’Arca. Make sure you visit the cave-crypt of Aiguafreda de Dalt and the parish church of El Brull.

Distance: 23.52 km
Approximate time: 1h 45m
Overall climb: 530 m
Difficulty: moderate

From Aiguafreda to La Calma 
A route of incredible beauty crossing La Calma from end to end, along wide and well-travelled tracks. Despite the climb the ascent to the high plain of La Calma is fairly straightforward, thanks to the absence of sudden, steep inclines. The woods are mainly holm oaks. The path cuts through a small beach glade as it reaches Collformic. The region of La Calma, which stands out for its open, undulating contours, is surprising in its lack of a layer of tree cover, and the presence of large areas of heathland. You should take on water at the En Vinyes spring. The descent back to Aiguafreda includes a number of difficult sections, and others which can easily be missed. Take care.

Distance: 38.14
Approximate time: 3h 30m
Overall climb: 1030 m
Difficulty: high

Between La Garriga and Corró d’Amunt
A level and simple route, with only short and gentle climbs through what is the the driest region of Montseny. Typical plateau landscapes which are best avoided during the hottest months. The limited shade and few trees do at least offer an open outlook over the farmlands of olive trees and cereal crops which typify this more low-lying area of Montseny.
Take water with you: none is to be found except at La Garriga and Samalús. A perfect route for novice mountain bikers.

Distance: 16.66 km
Approximate time: 1h 30m
Overall climb: 255 m
Difficulty: easy

From Cànoves to Vallforners
The Vallforners Ravine is one of the longest, deepest and wildest in Montseny. The presence of just a few farmhouses, except for El Vilar, all of them clinging to the south-facing slopes, gives it a particularly solitary air, accentuated these days by the dark, peaceful waters of the reservoir. Meanwhile, in the furthest depths of the valley is the magnificent manor house of Vallforners, isolated amid an almost oppressive ring of mountains.

The first section of the route runs high along the southern side of the valley, with views of the houses of Muntanya, Can Cuc, and above all a national record breaker: the Great Chestnut Tree of Cuc. Beyond the stonewalled house of Vallforners, the route heads back towards Cànoves, on the shaded, inhospitable and monotonous side of the valley, which nonetheless offers attractive glimpses of the reservoir and the neighbouring mountains. This route does not, therefore, describe the valley track, alongside the Vallforners reservoir, despite its undeniable attractions. This alternative (indicated elsewhere) is however open to those wishing to shorten the route (the track is quite easy to find), and wishing to take in the sight of Montseny’s largest body of water.

Distance: 21.95 km
Approximate time: 2 h
Overall climb: 685 m
Difficulty: extreme

From Sant Pere de Vilamajor to Sant Elies
The Sant Elies hermitage, with its hilltop setting, is one of the most attractive sights in this region of Montseny. The ascent is tough, but the panoramic views are worth the effort. The return to Sant Pere runs along the shaded foothills of the Serra de Palestrins, providing a complete view of the long and deep valley of the El Cortès Creek.

Distance: 24.73 km
Approximate time: 2h 30m
Overall climb: 900 m
Difficulty: high

From Sant Esteve to El Samon
It does not lead to any particular destination, but instead links a number of charming landscapes, such as Santa Susana, El Samon, la Cova and Sant Elies. A varied route offering fine views of the Tordera valley and the Turó de l’Home massif.

Distance: 29.72 km
Approximate time: 2h 45m
Overall climb: 935 m
Difficulty: extreme


From Montseny to La Calma
A route which runs along well-travelled main tracks for the most part. The 12 km-long climb up the wide, sunny track of El Molar make this a distinctive and unforgettable route. Bring plenty of water.

La Calma marks two changes in the route. To begin with, the more gentle contours allow for easier, effort-free progress. Meanwhile, the dense woodlands of holm oaks end at this point, giving way to open landscapes of wide meadows and heathland of heather, broom and ferns.

La Calma is a narrow, winding high plain, some 7 km long and 3 km wide on average. Meadows and heathland carpet the gently undulating terrain, making for a breathtaking landscape. Broad horizons from all heights. The old Cafè dels Carlins is to be found here, built on the edge of a grassy meadow of unrivalled beauty. It offers a natural outlook dominated by El Matagalls, Les Agudes and El Turó de l’Home One of the outhouses is still used by the shepherd.

Distance: 35.11 km
Approximate time: 3h 15m
Overall climb: 1045 m
Difficulty: high

Sortides amb BTT al voltant d’Arbúcies
BTT 22 – Castell de Montsoriu
BTT 10 – Sant Marçal
BTT 5 – Sant Pere Desplà