Ctra. BV-5301 km 30,5.
08559 El Brull
+34 938 840 477 /+34 616 10 37 57

Capacity 27 people

Restaurant Slow Food:

At your disposal in this old, quiet, with a lot of personality, mountain Country House there is:
• Interior spaces of stone and wood (rooms of 60 and 12 square meters, dining room with chimney, entrance hall, small rooms). Outside you will find a courtyard, threshing floor, parking lot, terraces, forests and paths. We can organize it according to your needs: meeting, screening, presentation, photo session, workshop, etc.
• Equipment: WI-FI, computer, television, DVD and music equipment, paper board and office supplies.
• Cooking service: breakfast, meals, picnic, bar service, coffee break. All produce is seasonal and locally grown. We have both vegetarian and vegan offerings.
• Documentation, information and advice about the Park and the region.
• Sports, cultural activities and the discovery of the environment, in the country house.
• You can stay for a night here or only for day-time.

Tell us about your needs, we like to adjust stays to various needs.